Highly Gifted Children
Volume X Number 4
Fall 1995

A pulication of The Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children


In this issue:

"How Weird and How Unbelievable, How Strange This Child Is" by Catya von Karolyi

What is it like to be a parent of a highly gifted daughter or son?

Survival Kit by Elizabeth Meckstroth

This survival kit was developed by Betty Meckstroth and a group of parents attending the 1988 annual conference of the Hollingworth Center

How Can Parents Support Gifted Children by Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.

Being a parent of a gifted child is even more difficult than being a gifted child. Unfortunately, these complicated little people do not come with instruction manuals.

Who's Parenting the Parents? by Sandra Carlton

Where are our support systems? Our families? The schools? How about our neighbors? None of the above?

Rights of Students by Carol Morealle

All students need and deserve an equal opportunity: to stretch their minds...

We Need Each Other by Kathy Silva

With the discovery that our children are highly gifted, we suddenly realize that he or she willnot be able to tread the traditional path of childhood. We need each other...

Workshops, by Joyce Simon

Workshops that are well-run and sensitive to the needs of the participating parents are a priceless tool...

Early College: A Parent's View by Marcia Greason

Those warm colorful autumn days were filled with admissions people courting my 16-year-old daughter...

Whew! by Marcia Greason

Can it really be 4 years since we left our precious sixteen-year-old daughter ... to begin her college career?

From Kids editor Ilona von Karolyi-Ross

Poetry from our kids...


If your six-year-old son is divising problems for you in base 27 from the Heath pre-algebra text, trust me, the test scores are not "just a fluke!"

Dark Couds and Silver Linings by Maddie Wallach

Accolades to Diversity, and Freedom

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